Wonderous AIKOUBO

In order to help our students achieve and perform beyond their potential, we have used the "Miracle Wood" from AIKOUBO to create most of the furniture in our classroom. The cedar wood are harvested from Mie prefecture and dried in a sauna room at 45℃. Instead of using the conventional kilns, drying the wood in the sauna room not only removes the water from the tress naturally, but the process also aids and preserves the original enzymes and essential oils from the trees. Our furniture maintains the natural smells and shines of cedar as you would imagine in their natural state in the forests. By utilizing AIKOUBO's "Miracle Wood", we hope to create a sumptuous learning space that heals and soothes the heart while amplifying the learning experience and the performance potential.

Furthermore, the walls in our classroom are coated with 100% Swiss plaster, making the space itself easy for the eyes and heart.


Learning is a luxury, but what could be better than learning in a luxurious environment?

Classroom Pieces Made From AIKOUBO

Hand-made chairs


Darker core wood adds color variety


Suitable for children and adult sizes

Chair and desk together

Special stool for teacher

Shelves can be extended!

Mobile storage cabinet

Desks in line for learning

Cubby space for study materials

Front view

Stool cubby space

Black wood shelves

Cabinet interior

A trash can too beautiful for trash!