Education and Teaching Experience

Ms. Sawaguchi

Ms. Sawaguchi, also popularly known as Harukaze sensei, has lived and taught in America for 15 years. She holds a Masters in Education from Columbia University and taught elementary and middle school students in New York.



M.A. in Elementary/Childhood Education

M.A. in Mathematics Education



K-6th Grade General Education (NY, CA)

7-12th Grade Math (NY)

7-12th Grade Japanese (NY)



6 years teaching in Manhattan private school

5 years teaching in Manhattan public school

6 years with The Japan Society teaching and developing lessons

Teaching in New York

Reading Japanese traditional folk tales to students, Ms. Sawaguchi helped her students understand a different cultural from their own. She also helped her students correspond with their pen pals from across the globe as a part of the social studies curriculum.

Students participating in an after school Japanese class made Japanese monster , oni, origami. With this class, the children were able to have hands-on experience with Japanese customs. Through these exposures, both appreciation for a different culture as well as curiosity towards the unknown is cultivated.