Finn君、Sunday Special コロンビア大学編

Finn君のSunday Special、アメリカ生活とコロンビア大学編は大盛況でした!子供達も大人の皆様もFinn君の素晴らしいpresentationやらお話の数々に大変興味を持たれ、うなずきながら、熱心に聞き入って下さっていました。

子供達はその後ペアに分かれたゲームで盛り上がり、大人の皆様はコロンビア大学の教授がどのように学生達の成績を付けるのかを独自に考え、それを自分の言葉で表現、発表して頂きました。それぞれに思い出深いSunday Special になった事と思います。


Finn's Sunday Special was a great success! Both the children and the adults attendees listened to Finn's presentation about life in America as well as Columbia University with interest while nodding in agreement from time to time.

After the presentation, the children were split into pairs for games while the adults had to think about the grading systems at Columbia. Before Finn gave the answers, the adults engaged in a discussion about their own ideas of how the grading system works.

Thank you for all those who participated in Finn's Sunday Special. We had students traveling all the way from Kyoto, and students bringing organic muffins and Finn's favorite takoyaki. Thank you all sincerely for making this one of the best memories for Finn's first Japan visit!