Join our Eigo Terakoya Academy family

As a school that strives to foster international understanding and communication, we welcome students, travelers, and educators of all ages and backgrounds to come and share your knowledge with our pupils.

Teach for Eigo Terakoya Academy on your vacation in Japan

For students and educators living or traveling through Japan for an extended period of time, we welcome you to come as teaching assistants in exchange for a home stay experience. So far, we have already had two teaching assistants from Columbia University this year, and they have both enjoyed a good time with our students this summer.

If you are passionate about teaching English and just happens to be traveling through Japan in the near future, please contact us for more details!

Share your experiences, culture, and talk with our students at our Sunday Specials

For foreigners traveling through Japan or current residents who are eager to share your culture with our students, we welcome you to come and give lectures for our Sunday specials. These events serves as a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about you and your culture, and it could also a gateway for you to meet  Japanese locals to exchange cultural values.